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In 2018 Junselle had a vision of creating a marketplace that would offer a platform where she could not only sell her own items but one that she could extend to others who were in need of a less expensive option to sell their own products. So she began to put her ideas together which started to build the foundation of her new business. One of the decisions made was to call it ElaneaJade, the first names of her 2 beautiful granddaughters.

In 2019, just as everything was lining up to begin her venture, her husband of 24 years suffered a major stroke and everything in her life was turned upside down. She had to put aside her dream to learn how to become a caretaker. Of course the pandemic hit in 2020 and that lead to even more weight put on her shoulders as I'm sure most of you went through much of the same. She remained steadfast, focusing in on taking care of her husband no matter what was going on around her.


Over time she found the help she so desperately needed to keep him comfortable and step by step her dream came back into reach thanks to friends who absolutely love this woman. If you speak to anyone who knows her they will tell you that she has proven to be an extremely special person, never putting herself first and always there for not only her husband, but for her family and friends.

Just as she is in 'life' she is in business and even more so now since many have lost so much over this last couple of years due to Covid. Her goal remains the same, to help others make business great again through starting a multi-vendor site! But due to all that has happened in her life, she realized that starting the business a bit closer to home with her own site would be the best way to learn the ins and outs of business on the world wide web. is her personal store site which will one day lead you to a beautiful multi-vendor site that will give Etsy a run for it's money! That site will be called ElaneaJade so that is why you see it throughout the site. A vision of things to come. A story of growth and hope.

She has teamed up with some pretty special talent to get this site designed and to help with personalized business and marketing ideas so keep an eye on us and thank you for shopping with


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