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Embrace The Curves



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Feel The Breeze!  Isn't it time to take another look at DRESSES?

Dresses are so beautiful yet so many curvy women run from them for various reasons. Since we're walking with you on this journey of embracing our curves and we have experienced this very thing ourselves, we are starting this line by showcasing plus size dresses that are longer which we hope will give those of us who have shied away from them a chance to 'feel the breeze' once again! Looking for shorter styles? Click HERE!

                               has been around since 2014 selling women's fashions around the globe and when we found them, we knew right away we would have to showcase their fashions. Their designs and use of brilliant of colors really impressed us not to mention their attention to the curvy woman. They encourage young designers, sustainability and celebrate creativity which you will see throughout their line. 

Curvy sizes range to 5XL. They have also have great information on how to pick the right size with measurements in inches for Shoulder, Bust, Waist, Length etc.. Enjoy!


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Selections updated 11-17

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