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Embrace The Curves

I've been reading some blog posts written to encourage curvy women to wear what feels right, yet what we have seen is that we can be the absolute worst at critiquing our own image.  Sometimes we want an outfit so badly our common sense flies out the window and we end up looking absurd or at the very least inappropriate. Oh if I could only go back in time I would change 90% of what I used to wear.  Unless you have a friend who is known for their brutal honesty, skip asking a friend. They might not want to hurt your feelings so believe it or not, they will actually lie to you. I have to shake my head on that one... but that's how it can play out.

Our advise is to go back to our article, How to Find Your Fabulous Self  and if you don't have the camera equipment, get a friend or better yet a sales person to take some photos. If you do count on a friend or sales person to help you, be sure you set up the rules first by demanding their honest thoughts. The sales person won't want to risk you being unhappy and returning the items especially if they work on commission.  I would suggest a tri-fold mirror, but even mirrors can be deceptive and have you priced them lately? You'll spend upwards of $1000 for a decent one.

How short is too short? We created a graphic here to give you an idea of great lengths for dresses, pants, shorts, capris and it rings true, no matter if you're a size 10 or size 20.

#1 You'll notice we're split on this one and that is due to the shape of your leg. For myself, I would not wear anything this short, but we all have to agree that some women most certainly look fantastic in this length.

#2 This length is tied with #4 as it ends at the second smallest part of your leg, just under your knee making it a perfect place.

different pant lengths for plus size women

#3The one length you should avoid unless you have very little muscle in your calves. This length ends at the widest part of your calf, creating a 'cut off' and simply not flattering.

#4 Probably our favorite as it truly lengthens the leg, tapering down to the very narrowest part of your leg, the ankle. Curvy women should embrace this length especially in pants.

It seems that for every rule, there's typically 10 more that follow so use these tips as  guidelines that are not carved in stone. There are factors that you will take into account for your own body shape to help make sure the Fabulous Self you are creating truly is perfect for YOU.

We are encouraging you to find a fun, curvy educated sales person in your favorite store to help you. When you find them, take the photos and send them to us! We're working on a promotion to encourage you, so get involved, have some fun and show us the new YOU!

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Selections Updated 11-17

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