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Embrace The Curves

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Time To Get Your BOLD On!

bloomchic plus size jeans


If you're a curvy gal and you go big and loose on top, go tight on bottom, or so you would think... but not quite. Here are a couple of pics that show the same model, with tight jeans in both, but one snug top and the other large and loose. Yet they both look fabulous!


Take the following into account when you are deciding on buying tight, stretch jeans... Take a look at the model.  Even though she is considered plus size, she has a fantastic waistline, an hour glass shape.  This woman could literally wear anything and she would look fabulous. These photos reflect how easy it is for this body shape to find great looks. 

Below we'll see a curvy woman with an entirely different shape who has specific points to take into account when creating an outfit.

bloomchic plus size jeans


Here we have an example of a curvy woman who is shaped entirely different than the gal above. We gain weight differently and some of us find that it settles in the middle section of the body, the belly and rear.


You'll see on the right where a longer shirt makes her look taller and creates a longer look to the body even though the shirt is a light color. (Light colors typically emphasize the curves).

Some will find that tip elementary, while others will be hearing it for the first time. Little tips like this can make such a difference!

Here at we love hearing about the journeys of others who have navigated the 'plus' size world in a not so friendly world, so send us a note! Tell us what you've learned along the way or ask a question. We want to hear from you and look forward to tomorrow!

bloomchic plus size jeans
bloomchic plus size jeans

Coming soon we'll be talking about the 'mature' curvy woman. (Yes, we are still allowed to wear jeans!) Do the same rules apply to an older woman? We'll answer that and more so stay tuned!I'll be sharing my story about what you should look out for when wearing leggings!  A comedic look at fashion learned first hand.

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Let's talk about from the waist down. JEANS For me, buying jeans is like buying the dreaded bathing suit that you have to buy if you want to bask in the neighbor's pool while they are away. But never fear! We'll get through this together.

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