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Plus Size Fashion
Being your fabulous self!

No matter what size you are, there are tips and tricks to help you look your fabulous self!  Here's what we have learned to ask ourselves when looking at new fashion.   What’s right for you might be different than what’s right for another.

What do you see when you wear rounded necklines verses V shaped? What about the hem style? Is a curved shirt tail more flattering or do you like the boxed (straight) hemline? Every single aspect of the design affects how it will look on your body shape.

Take a pic of yourself

How to Find Your Fabulous Self

The best piece of advice? Take photos of yourself! The photo to the left is almost identical to a photo I took of myself several years ago. I should dig that out to show you. What I found is that photos bring out the good the bad and the outright ugly in how you look in an outfit. It is a fantastic, quick method to compare one style over the other by providing an amazing  perspective unlike any mirror. Or like me, have you relied on a friend who just can't tell you what they really think. Uuggh!  Be sure to get a shot from behind. If I had known earlier what a so called  ‘friend’ would not tell me, my style would have changed much earlier than it did.

First, start with what's already in your closet. Whatever doesn't look right in photos... pitch! (Give away) Then go to your favorite shop and take pictures there! Find a willing salesperson to help you and have a ball!

Have fun with discovering Your Fabulous Self!

Now, go snap some pics!

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A woman taking a selfie to show her new look


If you would like to share a photo or two of your adventure creating your 'Fabulous Self' please send them

Tips on shirts, blouses and tops for curvy women.





* Neckline: Collared or high back neckline vs low
                    V neckine vs round, or curved
                    Hemmed vs elastic

* Length:    Long length & curved shirt-tails vs short

                    lengths & boxed (straight) hems

* Sleeves:    Full length or 3/4 vs sleeveless or short

* Cuffs:      Cuffed or hemmed vs elastic

* Design:    Straight lines vs ruffles
                    Wrap gathers vs smooth

red headed woman taking selfie in a red and white stripped top to show off her new look

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Let's Go Shopping!

We love hunting for sites that care and                          fit all our requirements and check out those prices! Explore and have fun!

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