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Don't Read This... if you really don't care

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A look into the closets (and minds) of too many beautiful, curvy women. An introduction of a journey to find your 'Fabulous Self' no matter what your size.

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Facts. If you really don't care what you look like no matter what you're doing, this won't be what you want to hear. However, it might be what you need to hear. Don't you just hate hearing a truth that goes directly to the heart of an issue?

Bio. I always think it’s fair when reading an article that you know a bit about who’s writing it. So here’s fair warning in case you didn't catch it above...

I'm a down to earth, plain talking woman who speaks her mind in love. My personality type aligns perfectly with my fashion sense. You'll never find me glued to the tv

watching the Oscars, the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s or even the Golden Globe awards to see what the ‘beautiful’ people are wearing. My thoughts on watching the wedding of Charles and Diana were the same as watching a Super Bowl... I wait for the 3 minute highlights to get all the information I need. I don’t clamor to know the latest in trends, or pay any attention to what any of the ‘elites’ are wearing or talking about because, you see, none of that matters... to me.

What Matters. Here’s what matters to me. Ten years ago I was mysteriously gifted with 60 extra pounds due to menopause, and the inevitable depression so often found during this time of a woman’s life. I haven’t been able to shake off either and since then have had to re-think my wardrobe. But there was one big problem. I had no clue

how to dress as a curvy woman, so instead of getting real,

ignoring the possibilities that I would never fit back into my size 8 jeans, I found that my husband's long tailed shirts covered up my new belly to just under my rear and by pairing the shirt with black leggings, I felt sufficiently hidden. I’ve been wearing this look for 10 years straight!

Classic. So here we are today and I find multitudes of women just like me, women who really don’t care about the pomp and circumstance of fashion, but just want to look nice. They want to be seen as women who are confident and comfortable in their own skin.

We don't want people to say, "Great outfit!" Which really means they love the clothes.

We want people to say, "You look fabulous!" Which really means they want to know your secret for looking great! The emphasis being on YOU, not the clothes.

Greed. Unfortunately the internet is full of influencers using click bait, lies, and deception and it's easy to fall into the traps they create. If you’re not careful, you might take hold of some really bad advise. Not here and not under our watch.

Truth Hurts. The truth stings before it can heal... right? Honesty can hurt feelings but if you

can walk through it, our hope is that you will become an even better 'Fabulous Self'! Others around you will take notice, whether it’s because of the new look you’ll be sporting, or

because of the new found confidence coming from within you. You deserve to look and feel great.

Confusion. What I've found is that most women are confused about what looks best, what's comfortable, what works for different life events from everyday casual, a night out, or an elegant evening. We’re just not sure what to believe or who to trust. This is why we're focusing on curvy women. Whether you've been curvy ever since you can remember or the curves have just recently come to live with you, we see the same confusion across the board.

Comfort. Whatever your style, if it’s not comfortable, it won’t reflect well in your demeanor. Let’s face it. If you’re dressed to the max yet your feet are in agony, the grimace on your face tells the real story.

Style. You might not agree with everything we say, but it all comes from the heart, a worthy goal we think. On one side of the coin we define our style as being classic, confident and polished. While on the other side, you'll see a touch of sassy, flirtatious fun.

Outsiders. We are constantly researching other sites who are producing quality advise in blogs, articles, clothing choices etc. and happy to link you to outsiders that can help you.

It's All About You. Most importantly, know that YOU are the center of our attention. We want to make sure the style advice and products we present here on produce a new found layer of confidence empowering you to be your best 'Fabulous Self'!

Take a look at some ideas for jeans and tops and let us know what you think. We will be digging deep as time goes by so we're excited about what's coming!

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