Functional Tea Towel or Decorative?

I don't buy Tea Towels for decoration, do you? Personally I buy them based on absorbancy alone because I need them to be functional. What they look like comes in second place. The most absorbent towel I have ever used is the Irish Vintage Lamont, pure linen, but they are hard to find and some are quite expensive. For many, many years I have relied on old faithful, flour sac towels. They are inexpensive and absorbent. Can't beat it.

However, when we found this Turkish towel, it perked our curiosity. They even compare it to a "linen like towel". Could they possibly be similar to the Irish linen or at least better than the flour sac? To top it off, the colors were simply gorgeous. We ordered one and it came as promised.

My first reaction was to fall in love with the colors. Absolutely beautiful, rich yellow and after our first wash, it still remained vibrant. I was thrilled to say the least. On to the next test, absorbency. But wait... before I get there, read on.

It is definitely a beautiful towel and large, measuring 30" x 19.5" so that's why they give it so many different uses. In their description you'll read: ..."oversized napkins, swaddling cloth, guest towels, gym towels and home textiles. Sew seams for a charming pair of café curtains." But in my opinion, maybe by calling it a 'towel', gives buyers like me the notion that indeed it is a towel and the one thing that towels need is to be able to hold up under rigorous applications. Drying hands multiple times for one meal, drying countertops, used as pan handle covers, getting things in and out of the oven. (For example)

I've got to be honest here, this towel failed in a few categories. After one wash, the top and bottom hems started to unravel. See the close-up below. This towel, wouldn't make it through another wash without serious issues. This, as it is in the picture below, is absolutely something that can be fixed.

But do you really want to take the time to repair a brand new towel? Personally, I would want to send this item back because I did not purchase it to be a decorative piece. Did you buy this towel as being a functional part of your cooking experience or to make a splash of color?

The good news is that if you're a home stager, or sell real estate, or want to use them to make curtains, or want to have the girls in for tea, buying a few of these would be an excellent purchase! They are truly gorgeous and will wake up any space.

Now, on to the absorbency.

Let's say this is a race between Irish Linen, Flour Sacs and this Turkish Towel. The Turkish towel comes in last, at least after only one washing. But let's face it, it wouldn't make it through another wash so last place for absorbency it must be.

Bottom line is that as a functional "Hand Kitchen Towel" as it's called, it's a one star.

As a decorative piece that won't be man-handled, used, or washed... It's a 5 Star Winner

And that is the single reason why we are keeping it on our site. There is a place for this product, it's just not for use in your typical kitchen.

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