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Our Survey Revealed WHAT?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

For our June 2022 Give-A-Way, we decided to attach it to a survey, yes, a survey about our online shop. I know... this could hurt, so we girded our loins, preparing for the worst.

We are a new website and we trust those who follow us, our friends and our customers for honest opinions. There's a time and a place to call in the marketing teams to analyze a website, but for now, what we needed was a down to earth look at our site and boy did we get one!

First of all, let me thank all of you that participated! It was our first survey and we asked some questions that could have brought us to tears, (for example, rate the appearance), but I have to tell you that what it revealed was so interesting and complimentary to boot!

I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised, but come to find out we're doing a pretty good job!

There's always room for improvements, but over-all, it was great news.

Here are some of the results.

The site’s appearance rated a 4 with 5 being the best. WhooHoo!

Ease of navigation rated a 4. Changes coming!

Prices? 75% said average to great prices. Fantastic!

PayPal? 75% said yes, add it. Terrific!

Plus sizes? 75% said yes, add. Totally agree!

Confident buying from 75% said yes. Grateful!

We are working diligently to make our site the best it can be and because of your input we will be implementing changes you’ve suggested and we’ve already started! Take a look at our new page for Your Fabulous Self! (with a special surprise coming!)

Be on the lookout for new give a ways!


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