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The Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

Why did I wait so long to convert?

As a woman with larger breasts, I have been torturing myself for YEARS trying to wear the sexiest bras, always wired and always binding in one way or another. How many of you have had wires poking out, jabbing you in your sides? And for what? Why do we do this to ourselves? It was a miserable attempt to make me look 'normal'. What is that anyway? Well, no more!

Body Beautiful Shapeware is a part of our lineup here at as we work to bring you the best. We hit the nail on the head with this company.

The Journey into Comfort and Style

I don't know about you, but I always thought these style of bras were for sleeping or for young girls just blooming or for those with smaller figures. I mean, after-all, support isn't exactly over flowing in any descriptions. To be honest, I've always wondered until one day, about a year ago I was in a department store and happened to come upon a sale and way back in a corner I spotted one that looked very similar to these. It was on sale for $7! I didn't even try it on, I just grabbed it and went straight to the register. It was a no-name brand, and once I was home and able to try it on, I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. The hunt was on to find more.

Wow! Have you ever priced these things? I've seen them as high as $75 and I'm sure it goes up from there. I ended up buying one name brand and this one from Body Beautiful (BB).

Processing Delivery Time & Packaging

We placed the order on March 28th and within the hour we were notified that it was on it’s way

and was given a tracking #. The listed processing time is 1 to 2 business days. Perfection!

It showed up at my door on April 4th... five business days from the date it left the warehouse. With processing time added to the delivery time as listed on each product, they met their promise.

The order arrived in a large mail envelope which was perfect since it was a lightweight, small, fabric item. The bras were placed inside a clear envelope and on a hanger which had broken which really wasn't an issue. We don’t know if it broke in transit or they packaged it broken, but it didn’t hurt a thing so we were fine with it.


Honestly I don't see anything in their photos that wasn't true to life.


When comparing this bra to the others I purchased, it comes out on top, number 1! The fabric is silky smooth so it feels great against the skin, even after washing. Before wearing I hand washed and laid flat to dry and it kept the size, the feel and the smooth texture. The pads can be removed through a small opening (I’ve circled on the nude color).

UPDATE: It's been several months now and out of the three that I purchased, the Body Beautiful has held up the best! The name brand that I purchased developed pilling which has to be picked off which doesn't set well with me and finally, the least expensive $7 deal has fabric that turned stiff after several washings. End result is Body Beautiful is the main 'go to' when I get dressed in the morning.

What about the support you might be asking... If your girls have a habit of 'hanging around' and need a lot of lifting support, this type of bra might be best for casual and or bed time. All I know is that I won't ever give them up now that I've found them.

Bottom Line is Body Beautiful won and we're proud to have it available on our site. Value for the money is incredible.

Go HERE to see more of their line.

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Have you ever tried this type of bra? Let's talk!


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