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Too Good To Be True?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Finding great products for you can be a lot of fun - like a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon this showstopper. It's a designer dress and it is indeed a stunner.

However, my heart sank when I saw the retail price. I became suspicious - very suspicious, seeing as a dress like this should retail for $800 to $1200. Well, here at we lift every rock to see what's laying underneath because it's our name that will be sullied if it's made of burlap. So, we decided to buy one to review, incognito.

It arrived as described, right at the 19-day mark, in a small plastic mail bag which surprised all of us. We thought it would arrive in a box that had thousands of marketing dollars spent on it. How else would a designer dress be mailed? We opened the bag to find a dress that didn't quite meet our expectations, but ohhh so close!

Keep in mind that when you want top of the line you pay the price. The dress you see in the top photo appears to be at that designer level which made us all wonder what we would get at this low price.

What did we get for the money?

For comparison's sake, our model is 5'10" with a 28" waist. The dress we ordered was a large, which was a bit too generous, but it gives you a good look at the fit. The medium would have hugged her waistline as it should. This dress is meant to hold your body at every curve so there's no hiding anything. The fabric has a slight stretch for breathing and sitting down and it's lined, so no 'see through' and no need for any other undergarment.

Here are the three things we noticed.

Number 1: The sequins are large, flat, with the center hole larger than normal. Not a deal breaker by any means. Again, for the money, it more than passes the test.

Original Photo VS Received Dress

Number 2: High-quality designs have colors and patterns that match exactly and at all seams. As you can see, the dress we ordered does not have matching lines at the waist and the design is not 100% as shown in the original photo. Again, for the price, not a deal breaker.

Number 3: Designer dresses will use invisible zippers -

not the case on this dress. Still not a deal breaker

for the money.

In conclusion, for the amount of money you'll pay for this dress, our team feels it's worth it. When you need something that is a showstopper, and you're not concerned about what the 'Joneses' will think, we believe this dress will put you in the spotlight.

When we review, our star ratings take into account the good, the bad and the ugly.

Out of 5 stars, 5 being the best, we give this dress... (for the money)

Four Stars

We also rate the seller's representation of the dress by its photos and description.


a. The photos showed matched embellishments (designs) which is deceiving

b. No photos of the type of closure, in this case a zipper

c. There were no close-ups of anything

The description:

All of their evening wear severely lack information and are poorly written. So we give the representation...

Here's our promise. Even though every item in the 'Evening Out - Events' pages are SALES FINAL, we'll make this guarantee on the EB gowns...


... then email us 'on the day you receive the dress' (which will be confirmed by your tracking number so do not wait) 'with photos' and upon approval we will give you further instructions and refund* your money once we receive the dress back.

*Slight variations such as those described in the review above are normal and not considered for refunds since we are transparent in informing you of the types of differences you might see coming from the EB company. However, if you receive a dress with differences like what you see in this last picture, that is totally unacceptable and we want to hear from you.

Now, let's get shopping!


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