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  • Functional Tea Towel or Decorative?

    I don't buy Tea Towels for decoration, do you? Personally I buy them based on absorbancy alone because I need them to be functional. What they look like comes in second place. The most absorbent towel I have ever used is the Irish Vintage Lamont, pure linen, but they are hard to find and some are quite expensive. For many, many years I have relied on old faithful, flour sac towels. They are inexpensive and absorbent. Can't beat it. However, when we found this Turkish towel, it perked our curiosity. They even compare it to a "linen like towel". Could they possibly be similar to the Irish linen or at least better than the flour sac? To top it off, the colors were simply gorgeous. We ordered one and it came as promised. My first reaction was to fall in love with the colors. Absolutely beautiful, rich yellow and after our first wash, it still remained vibrant. I was thrilled to say the least. On to the next test, absorbency. But wait... before I get there, read on. It is definitely a beautiful towel and large, measuring 30" x 19.5" so that's why they give it so many different uses. In their description you'll read: ..."oversized napkins, swaddling cloth, guest towels, gym towels and home textiles. Sew seams for a charming pair of café curtains." But in my opinion, maybe by calling it a 'towel', gives buyers like me the notion that indeed it is a towel and the one thing that towels need is to be able to hold up under rigorous applications. Drying hands multiple times for one meal, drying countertops, used as pan handle covers, getting things in and out of the oven. (For example) I've got to be honest here, this towel failed in a few categories. After one wash, the top and bottom hems started to unravel. See the close-up below. This towel, wouldn't make it through another wash without serious issues. This, as it is in the picture below, is absolutely something that can be fixed. But do you really want to take the time to repair a brand new towel? Personally, I would want to send this item back because I did not purchase it to be a decorative piece. Did you buy this towel as being a functional part of your cooking experience or to make a splash of color? The good news is that if you're a home stager, or sell real estate, or want to use them to make curtains, or want to have the girls in for tea, buying a few of these would be an excellent purchase! They are truly gorgeous and will wake up any space. Now, on to the absorbency. Let's say this is a race between Irish Linen, Flour Sacs and this Turkish Towel. The Turkish towel comes in last, at least after only one washing. But let's face it, it wouldn't make it through another wash so last place for absorbency it must be. Bottom line is that as a functional "Hand Kitchen Towel" as it's called, it's a one star. As a decorative piece that won't be man-handled, used, or washed... It's a 5 Star Winner And that is the single reason why we are keeping it on our site. There is a place for this product, it's just not for use in your typical kitchen. Don't forget to get signed up to be notified of any new articles that are posted here at! REGISTER NOW

  • The Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

    Why did I wait so long to convert? As a woman with larger breasts, I have been torturing myself for YEARS trying to wear the sexiest bras, always wired and always binding in one way or another. How many of you have had wires poking out, jabbing you in your sides? And for what? Why do we do this to ourselves? It was a miserable attempt to make me look 'normal'. What is that anyway? Well, no more! Body Beautiful Shapeware is a part of our lineup here at as we work to bring you the best. We hit the nail on the head with this company. The Journey into Comfort and Style I don't know about you, but I always thought these style of bras were for sleeping or for young girls just blooming or for those with smaller figures. I mean, after-all, support isn't exactly over flowing in any descriptions. To be honest, I've always wondered until one day, about a year ago I was in a department store and happened to come upon a sale and way back in a corner I spotted one that looked very similar to these. It was on sale for $7! I didn't even try it on, I just grabbed it and went straight to the register. It was a no-name brand, and once I was home and able to try it on, I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. The hunt was on to find more. Wow! Have you ever priced these things? I've seen them as high as $75 and I'm sure it goes up from there. I ended up buying one name brand and this one from Body Beautiful (BB). Processing Delivery Time & Packaging We placed the order on March 28th and within the hour we were notified that it was on it’s way and was given a tracking #. The listed processing time is 1 to 2 business days. Perfection! It showed up at my door on April 4th... five business days from the date it left the warehouse. With processing time added to the delivery time as listed on each product, they met their promise. The order arrived in a large mail envelope which was perfect since it was a lightweight, small, fabric item. The bras were placed inside a clear envelope and on a hanger which had broken which really wasn't an issue. We don’t know if it broke in transit or they packaged it broken, but it didn’t hurt a thing so we were fine with it. Photos Honestly I don't see anything in their photos that wasn't true to life. Quality When comparing this bra to the others I purchased, it comes out on top, number 1! The fabric is silky smooth so it feels great against the skin, even after washing. Before wearing I hand washed and laid flat to dry and it kept the size, the feel and the smooth texture. The pads can be removed through a small opening (I’ve circled on the nude color). UPDATE: It's been several months now and out of the three that I purchased, the Body Beautiful has held up the best! The name brand that I purchased developed pilling which has to be picked off which doesn't set well with me and finally, the least expensive $7 deal has fabric that turned stiff after several washings. End result is Body Beautiful is the main 'go to' when I get dressed in the morning. What about the support you might be asking... If your girls have a habit of 'hanging around' and need a lot of lifting support, this type of bra might be best for casual and or bed time. All I know is that I won't ever give them up now that I've found them. Bottom Line is Body Beautiful won and we're proud to have it available on our site. Value for the money is incredible. Go HERE to see more of their line. And don't forget to get signed up to be notified of any new articles that are posted here at! REGISTER NOW Have you ever tried this type of bra? Let's talk!

  • Your Jeans May Be Too Tight If...

    your 30 inch waist is now 47 inches We’ve all been there after putting on a pound or two, trying to squeeze into that favorite pair of jeans, jumping up and down as we try to zip it up. (I’m not sure why we think that works). Only to find that once we get them zipped, our waist is falling outside of the jeans giving us a not so pretty muffin top. So, it’s time to get serious here ladies. I’m talking to the women who enjoy a modest appearance, who want to look professional and those who want to be taken seriously. For those who think that’s all nonsense, there’s plenty of internet help out there to take you where you want to go. As in all areas of life, in order to fix something, first you must see the problem. I’ve been doing a lot of research and from what I have found and actually experienced myself, is that tight clothing can work if it is balanced with straight and or curved lines around a troubled area. What I see in so many photos are women taking this ‘tight’ clothing five steps too far and in the wrong direction. Let’s look at a typical problem area... the belly. The best look is to wear large and flowing, on top and slim on the bottom. I hate to say it, but when trying to maintain a modest appearance that will take you from the office to the church pew, hiding the bumps and rolls is your best bet. It allows others to focus in on you and not all the distractions. You can accomplish this with loose fitting tops/bottoms or with the help of some of the fabulous shaping lingerie available today. The look you see here would benefit from either of those options. She’s such a pretty girl, with a great umpire waistline but you can’t focus in on anything because of all the distractions in her mid section. A medium compression, body suit would be perfect along with sizing up one or possibly two sizes. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve never been able to successfully wear shapeware. I gained and lost weight so many times when I was really young, my skin’s elasticity failed me. I searched high and low for a pant leg, for example that went straight down to the ankle. If the leg stopped mid thigh, it would create a brand new roll on an area that wasn’t an issue! Today, the shapeware industry has come a long way. So whether you have loose skin or not, there’s something that can work just for you. First let me say that going without shapeware at all is the best. You are the most comfortable and natural when you don’t have restrictive undergarments on at all. So this information is really geared for when you need a bit of extra help for certain occasions where you would like more control over the curves. I found some really great advise on shapeware and the varied levels of compression you want for different outfits or occasions. If your shapeware compression is high or what they call firm control, you might be a bit uncomfortable and let’s face it, it can be downright miserable. Bending over might become an issue and you can just forget sitting down. However, this type of shapeware might be perfect for your wedding dress since you’ll be able to shed the pain after the ceremony and get comfy for the reception following. So the use of firm control should be used for short time periods. Medium control is more flexible and can smooth out some areas that you want to smooth. You’ll be able to at least bend over and even sit down with only a bit of discomfort, if at all. Then there’s light control which is basically smoothing out a bit of cellulite and waist roll and allows for an all day great fit for most, firming up the jiggle you might say. Here's something that happens to a lot of us... a bit too tight waistline that produces a mini muffin top, but with a light compression, high waist garment, problem solved. I can hear critics now... why wear shapeware at all? Why not love you as you are? I agree wholeheartedly with the exception, as I've already pointed out, that there might be occasions where shapeware can help and if you disagree, you've probably never worn a shaping undergarment. You might just be surprised. It's been a wild ride locating shops that are geared to help plus-size women so we are thankful to have found ShapeLLX who not only caters to generous sizes, they also use plus size models. This is absolutely so helpful when trying to determine what type of clothing/undergarments would work for a particular body type. With ShapeLLX You'll find shapeware from the 'comfy' to 'I'm going to fit into this dress if it kills me' compression levels. Check them out and let us know what you think! Don't forget to check out their SALE pages! Get signed up here at below to receive a note when new articles of ours get published!

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    WHAT'S NEW Embrace the Curves Come learn with us how to dress with curves. Tight? Loose? Long? Short? View Collection Warm Fashion Gorgeous and warm View Collection Pets our extended family View Collection Embrace The Curves Plus size isn't what it used to be! Learn with us how to be fabulous and curvy. Tips and ideas for the best you. Leather for Her Real leather to Vegan in handbags, cases, wallets for her Curvy Jeans What cut is right for a curvy gal? What waist is best? Lots of questions and we have the answers Luscious Sunglasses Fashion sun protection for the beautiful eyes of yours at terrific prices! Scarves Hats Headbands Accessorize with scarves, hats, headbands. Handmade, Gainesville, Florida Night Out Beautiful evening gowns and accessories at prices you'll love. Prime Designs Natural Stone Necklace with golden Cross Glamour Sequin beaded evening clutch Seasonal Fashion Find fashion perfect for the season that's closing out or heading your way. Well-Being Being healthy requires sweat and that requires the right work out clothes. Jeggings, Leggings, capris and tops that stretch Babies, Boys, Girls Newborn to Toddler treasures. Blankets, lotions, mittens to mats. Newborn Skin Care Lotion, wash, cream, butter and oil all created for newborns and made here in the USA! Odds n Ends The right 'stuff' makes life easier. Beloved PETS We love our pets! Beds, leashes, portraits, toys, bowls and more all for our cats and dogs Scented Candles Scented candles can change your mind, your mood and your day! What you're saying... Sherrie Junselle is a friend of mine and when I heard she was building this site I was so excited for her! Great job girl! Love all of it, especially the baby section you're starting! Tom Saw your Facebook post and thought I'd come by. Glad to see you're teaming up with businesses located here in the USA avoiding the garbage we see so much of. You really can have PURE JOY delivered to loved ones no matter where they live. Visit our Women's Gifts to be taken to the island of Lemon Drops! Order by subscription or single gift box. Tons of options. Need Help or Just Have a Question? We answer as quickly as possible. So write, say hello and be sure to ask to be added to our monthly newsletter! We promise, only one email per month and we do not sell your information. Contact Us Looking for another channel to showcase your goods? Do you need more exposure of your products but don't want to pay typical fees to join? Are you in the USA? (A Must for now) Are your items handmade OR new retail? Are you set up for Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping? Want more info? Email us with your contact information and we'll zip it right off to you. ​ Email Us Here Register to be the First!

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    Shipping and Returns Shipping is FREE!! No matter if it comes from Florida, California, Iowa or Italy and no matter if you spend $20 or $500 as there are no restrictions or minimums. ​ Our number one goal is to bring items to this site that are made here in the United States. However some specialty items might come to you from different locations such as Italy, Turkey, Europe. If you order multiple items, you will more than likely see different carriers, processing and shipment times. Each item clearly states the processing time needed to get your item out for delivery as well as how many days needed to deliver. So be sure to make a point of reading those statements. ​ Processing Time: is the average time it takes for the item to be ready for shipping. Every item lists average business days needed. Delivery Time: Starts after it has been processed and can vary from 2 to 20 days depending on your location and where the shipment is coming from. Right now, we are shipping to mainland US ONLY. We do not ship Internationally or to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. No deliveries to APO or PO boxes unless allowed by the manufacturer. ​ Damaged Box Upon delivery: If your package (shipping box) is damaged to the point you're not sure if the item(s) inside are damaged, do not accept delivery and let us know within 24 hours that the shipment was declined due to severe outside box damage. YOU MUST TAKE A PHOTO OF THE DAMAGE and send THE PICTURE to us. We will contact supplier and get you a new item. Email Here ​ Return & Exchange Policy RETURNS: It's easy... Our goal is to keep our customers happy in as much as we can. We are not Amazon nor a major retailer. We're a small company but we want to make sure of one thing... We will help you with a return if you ever receive an item that is 'not as described'. Here are the limitations on this policy. *Personalized/Sale or Clearance items/Bundled Offers/Hand-Made/Cosmetics and makeup tools/Shape Wear/Event/ Evening Category are ALL final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged. Exception: If we or the supplier are at fault sending the wrong color or size, or typo error. *Damaged items not refundable. We are not responsible for damages. Do not accept damaged boxes if you feel the item inside is damaged. Take photos of the box to send to us. We will notify the supplier. * Read one of our reviews to understand our 'not as described' refund. GO HERE *If you did not get ElaneaJade Designs approval for return/exchange in writing (email) and within the deadline before returning, refund/exchanges are voided. Approval code must be sent in shipment. *Returned items must have tags still attached, not used or worn and be returned in original product packaging *Returned items must be in new condition and have no visible signs of wear or use *Returned items must be approved in writing via email. Lost or stolen packages We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please see carrier to file claim. Buyer pays any return shipping costs to the supplier and any new shipping fees if there is an exchange and all returned packages must be sent with a tracking number. Any return/exchange must be completed within 10 days of the initial date of delivery. Here is what you do. Email us! HERE on the day of delivery . Tell us what is wrong, send photo(s) and if eligible, you’ll receive an approval code to send along with the product you want to ship. If the item is damaged, contact the carrier to file a claim. Once approved you'll be given the appropriate address for the return. Shipping Fees buyer pays: Any shipping fee associated with a return/exchange. NOTE: For the most part, items must be sent back to the Supplier. ​ Reimbursements: Our number one goal is to make our customers happy so we will take the appropriate steps to get any approved refunds to you as quickly as possible. For any approved ElaneaJade and Kristen's products, your refund will come to you within 10 days or less. For all other items, we work with suppliers so it can take 30 to 45 days for us to get this to you. Cancellations If you decide you want to cancel your order completely, email us within 1 hour of placing your order and if we can, we will stop the process and refund any money you have paid as quickly as possible. Once you receive your tracking number, it’s shipped and passed the deadline. NOTE: Special Orders and Personalized items cannot be canceled. Holidays, inclement weather , Covid19 and 'political' issues can slow up delivery times. Tracking # We provide tracking information for each item shipped. You will be notified of your tracking number(s) once your order is on it's way. For any questions just drop us a line HERE ​ FOR OUR CUSTOMERS We periodically purchase products from our suppliers to provide reviews not only of the products, but shipping times, packaging and over-all view points. This process helps us to know that we are bringing you quality products from the best companies. If an item doesn't pass the test we either remove it from the line, or if the item would be better used in another manner, we'll keep it but explain what we found. That way you can make your own mind up whether or not to buy. Here's an example of one of our Evening Gowns .

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